Articles | Volume 34, issue 2
Regular paper
24 Feb 2016
Regular paper |  | 24 Feb 2016

Periodic waves in the lower thermosphere observed by OI630 nm airglow images

I. Paulino, A. F. Medeiros, S. L. Vadas, C. M. Wrasse, H. Takahashi, R. A. Buriti, D. Leite, S. Filgueira, J. V. Bageston, J. H. A. Sobral, and D. Gobbi

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Periodic gravity waves in the lower thermosphere I. Paulino

Short summary
Periodic waves have been observed over São João do Cariri during almost one solar cycle. Similarities between the characteristics of these events with observations at other places around the world were noted, primarily the spectral parameters. Most observed waves have appeared during magnetically quiet nights, and the occurrence of those waves followed the solar activity. Due to their characteristics, most of them must have had different generation mechanisms from the Perkins instability.