Articles | Volume 32, issue 3
Regular paper
27 Mar 2014
Regular paper |  | 27 Mar 2014

Modes of zonal mean temperature variability 20–100 km from the TIMED/SABER observations

Y. Jiang, Z. Sheng, and H. Q. Shi

Abstract. In this study we investigate the spatial variabilities of the zonal mean temperature (20–100 km) from the TIMED (Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Energetics and Dynamics)/SABER (Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry) satellite using the empirical orthogonal functions (EOFs). After removing the climatological annual mean, the first three EOFs are able to explain 87.0% of temperature variabilities. The primary EOF represents 74.1% of total anomalies and is dominated by the north–south contrast. Patterns in the second and third EOFs are related to the semiannual oscillations (SAO) and mesospheric temperature inversions (MTI), respectively. The quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) component is also decomposed into the seventh EOF with contributions of 1.2%. Last, we use the first three modes and annual mean temperature to reconstruct the data. The result shows small differences are in low latitude, which increase with latitude in the middle stratosphere and upper mesosphere.