Articles | Volume 30, issue 6
Regular paper
08 Jun 2012
Regular paper |  | 08 Jun 2012

Electron radiation belt data assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter relying on the Salammbô code

S. A. Bourdarie and V. F. Maget

Abstract. In this study we implement a data assimilation tool using a 3-D radiation belt model and an ensemble Kalman filter approach. High time and space reanalysis of the electron radiation belt fluxes is obtained over the time period 5 October to 25 October 1990 by combining sparse observations with the Salammbô 3-D model in an optimal way. The convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter is analyzed carefully. The risk of using a biased physical model is discussed and relative consequences are highlighted. Finally, a validation against CRRES data and major improvements compared to pure physics based model are presented.