Articles | Volume 29, issue 2
25 Feb 2011
 | 25 Feb 2011

Plasma transport modelling in the inner magnetosphere: effects of magnetic field, electric field and exospheric models

A. Woelfflé, D. Boscher, and I. Dandouras

Abstract. A qualitative study is performed on plasma transport modelling in the inner magnetosphere, revealing the significance of a model use choice and its parameterization. First, we examine particle transport using comparative analysis of both magnetic and electric field models. This work reveals that the electric field plays an important role in understanding particle dynamics and the models lead to various results in terms of plasma source, energy and particle trajectory. We then concentrate particularly on proton loss assessment considering the charge exchange phenomenon. For that, models are needed to provide a neutral hydrogen density estimation. So, exospheric models were tested in light of the Dynamics Explorer 1 measurements analysed by Rairden.