Articles | Volume 29, issue 12
Review paper
01 Dec 2011
Review paper |  | 01 Dec 2011

Some aspects of large-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances which originate at conjugate locations in auroral zones, cross the equator and sometimes encircle the earth

G. G. Bowman and I. K. Mortimer

Abstract. The occurrence of large-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances (LS-TIDs) has been examined. Initially some literature on their generation is considered. Travel during daylight hours and also paths which involve propagation paths towards the poles are illustrated by a few examples from the literature. A daytime ionogram recording of an LS-TID is presented and discussed as are nighttime ionogram recordings for a poleward path of propagation. The tabulations of Moscow h'F recordings around midnight are examined for significant height increases which along with geomagnetic bays some hours earlier confirm the existence of LS-TIDs. A sunspot-maximum interval is involved. Some of the Moscow events were related to bays which occurred 32 h earlier thus indicating earth encirclements. Also additional encirclements are recorded by using superposed-epoch analyses for some other events.