Articles | Volume 29, issue 11
Regular paper
02 Nov 2011
Regular paper |  | 02 Nov 2011

Global observation of 24 November 2006 Pc5 pulsations by single mid-latitude underground [SQUID]2 system

J. Marfaing, E. Pozzo di Borgo, G. Waysand, A. Cavaillou, and M. Parrot

Abstract. On 24 November 2006, simultaneous observations of Pc5 pulsations, electron precipitation and whistler-mode chorus, as well as solar wind and IMF parameters have been analyzed based on data from IMAGE magnetometers, riometer array and temporal VLF station. This paper focuses on the Pc5 pulsations detected at the same time, in the 1–25 millihertz range, by the [SQUID]2 system (SQUID magnetometer within a Shielding QUalified for Ionosphere Detection) installed 518 m underground at 43.92° N, 5.48° E. As expected, the 3-D-frequency spectrum of these mid-latitude [SQUID]2 signals exhibits frequency peaks quasi identical to those observed by polar stations of close geomagnetic longitude. The signal/noise ratio allows the observation of the wave polarization and the beatings of the frequencies. As a result, the possibility of studying, at mid-latitude, magnetic Pc5 pulsations linked with an event in the magnetosphere can improve the description of both behaviour and propagation of these waves.