Articles | Volume 29, issue 10
25 Oct 2011
 | 25 Oct 2011

Observations of OI 557.7 nm nightglow at Kolhapur (17° N), India

N. Parihar, S. Gurubaran, and G. K. Mukherjee

Abstract. Ground-based nightglow observations of the atomic oxygen green line at 557.7 nm have been carried out at a low latitude station Kolhapur (17° N), India, during November 2003–April 2004 and December 2004–May 2005. The nocturnal behaviour of OI 557.7 nm intensity and a comparative study with simultaneous OH Meinel band temperature measurements has been presented. OI 557.7 nm intensity and OH temperature variations covary on many occasions. It was found that an 8 h tide characterizes the variation of intensity and temperature on most nights, and especially during the month of January. This is the first report of prolonged measurements of OI 557.7 nm emission from India.