Articles | Volume 28, issue 12
10 Dec 2010
 | 10 Dec 2010

Analysis of beam plasma instability effects on incoherent scatter spectra

M. A. Diaz, J. L. Semeter, M. Oppenheim, and M. Zettergren

Abstract. Naturally Enhanced Ion Acoustic Lines (NEIALs) detected with Incoherent Scatter Radars (ISRs) can be produced by a Langmuir decay mechanism, triggered by a bump on tail instability. A recent model of the beam-plasma instability suggests that weak-warm beams, such those associated with NEIAL events, might produce Langmuir harmonics which could be detected by a properly configured ISR. The analysis performed in this work shows that such a beam-driven wave may be simultaneously detected with NEIALs within the baseband signal of a single ISR. The analysis shows that simultaneous detection of NEIALs and the first Langmuir harmonic is more likely than simultaneous detection of NEIALs and enhanced plasma line. This detection not only would help to discriminate between current NEIAL models, but could also aid in the parameter estimation of soft precipitating electrons.