Articles | Volume 27, issue 4
02 Apr 2009
 | 02 Apr 2009

The first GPS-TEC imaging of the space structure of MS wave packets excited by the solar terminator

E. L. Afraimovich, I. K. Edemskiy, S. V. Voeykov, Yu. V. Yasyukevich, and I. V. Zhivetiev

Abstract. Using TEC measurements from the dense network of GPS sites GEONET, we have obtained the first GPS-TEC image of the space structure of medium-scale traveling wave packets (MS TWP) excited by the morning solar terminator (ST). We found that ST-generated wave packets have duration of about 1–2 h and time shift of about 1.5–6 h after the morning ST appearance at an altitude of 300 km. The TWP wave front extends along the morning ST line with the angular shift of about 20°. The time period and wave-length of ST-generated wave packets are about 10–20 min and 200–300 km, respectively. The velocity of the TWP phase front traveling is of about 300 m/s. The space image of MS TWP manifests itself in pronounced anisotropy and high coherence over a long distance of about 2000 km.