Articles | Volume 25, issue 4
08 May 2007
 | 08 May 2007

Day-to-day correlation of equatorial electrojet at two stations separated by 2000 km

R. G. Rastogi, H. Chandra, D. Chakrabarty, K. Kitamura, and K. Yumoto

Abstract. Day-to-day fluctuations of the daily range of the geomagnetic field H at the equatorial electrojet stations Ancon (ANC, 77.0° W) and Sao Luis (SLZ, 44.2° W) are described for the period January–June 1993. The H field started increasing between midnight and sunrise, reaching a peak shortly before noon. The daily range of H was maximum during March and April and minimum during June. Regardless of the month, the range in H was significantly larger at ANC than at SLZ. The 27-day running mean of the range of H varied from 80 nT to 125 nT at SLZ and from 105 nT to 180 nT at ANC. The day-to-day values of the range of H showed very faithful variations at the two stations. The deviations of the daily range of H from its 27-day running mean values showed good correlation between the two stations. Some large storm-time effects were seen at both stations. The correlation was still significant, when data were corrected for Dst index values. It is suggested that the range in H at the two electrojet stations, separated by more than 2000 km, are affected by some common sources other than the ring current, which need to be identified. Spectral analysis of the range of H shows remarkable similarity at the two stations, with a dominant period of 15 days at both stations.