Articles | Volume 25, issue 3
29 Mar 2007
 | 29 Mar 2007

On the use of simultaneous measurements of OH and O2 emissions to investigate wave growth and dissipation

A. Taori, A. Guharay, and M. J. Taylor

Abstract. Simultaneous measurements of mesospheric OH (6–2) Meinel and O2 (0–1) Atmospheric band emissions from a low-latitude station, Maui, Hawaii (20.8° N, 156.2° W) are utilized to study the wave characteristics and associated processes. Deduced temperatures show large variability in both OH and O2 data. The seasonal variability in the temperature shows a well-defined, semiannual type of oscillation, which are comparable to the ground-based rocket sounding data. The "Wave Growth Factor", a ratio of normalized perturbation amplitude in O2 to the OH temperature variability, is estimated for principal as well as residual smaller period components of the nocturnal variability. It is noticed that smaller period waves (less than 12 h) occasionally have large growth factors of about 3–4 during equinox transitions, an indication of wave amplitude amplification within the 87–94 km altitudes while a strong wave-dissipation occurs throughout the year.