Articles | Volume 24, issue 10
20 Oct 2006
 | 20 Oct 2006

On the scaling of waiting-time distributions of the negative IMF Bz component

R. D'Amicis, R. Bruno, B. Bavassano, V. Carbone, and L. Sorriso-Valvo

Abstract. Statistics associated with the fluctuations in solar wind parameters show a remarkable dependence on the solar activity phase. In particular, we focus our attention on the waiting-time statistics governing the MHD fluctuations of the z-component of the interplanetary magnetic field, which are important within the framework of the Sun-Earth connections, and briefly discuss the preliminary results. Data from several spacecrafts, covering different phases of the solar cycle and different radial distances, are used. We found that propagating Alfvénic fluctuations and convected structures strongly influence the statistics which vary from quasi-Poissonian to power law.