Articles | Volume 23, issue 10
30 Nov 2005
 | 30 Nov 2005

ELF magnetospheric lines observed by DEMETER

M. Parrot, F. Němec, O. Santolík, and J. J. Berthelier

Abstract. The influence of man-made activity on the ionosphere may be very important. The effects induced by the Power Line Harmonic Radiation (PLHR) may change the natural wave activity and/or the ionospheric plasma components. One goal of the ionospheric satellite DEMETER launched in June 2004 is to study the ionospheric perturbations which could be related to this anthropogenic activity. As the first step, the paper presents Tram Lines (TL) which have been observed on board DEMETER with frequency intervals close to 50 Hz or 16 Hz 2/3 (the current frequency of the railways). When it is observable the frequency drift of these TL is very slow. It is shown that these events occur during periods of strong or moderate magnetic activity. A wave propagation analysis indicates that the TL observed below the low cutoff frequency of the hiss which is simultaneously present are coming from a region below the satellite. The conclusion is that these TL observed by DEMETER are produced by PLHR or radiation of railways lines.