Articles | Volume 23, issue 10
30 Nov 2005
 | 30 Nov 2005

Aerodynamic roughness length related to non-aggregated tillage ridges

M. Kardous, G. Bergametti, and B. Marticorena

Abstract. Wind erosion in agricultural soils is dependent, in part, on the aerodynamic roughness length (z0) produced by tillage ridges. Although previous studies have related z0 to ridge characteristics (ridge height (RH) and spacing (RS)), these relationships have not been tested for tillage ridges observed in the North African agricultural fields. In these regions, due to climate and soil conditions, small plowing tools are largely used. Most of these tools produce non-aggregated and closely-spaced small ridges. Thus, experiments were conducted in a 7-m long wind tunnel to measure z0 for 11 ridge types covering the range of geometric characteristics frequently observed in south Tunisia. Experimental results suggest that RH2/RS is the first order parameter controlling z0. A strong relationship between z0 and RH2/RS is proposed for a wide range of ridge characteristics.