Articles | Volume 22, issue 3
19 Mar 2004
 | 19 Mar 2004

Horizontal maps of echo power in the lower stratosphere using the MU radar

M. Hirono, H. Luce, M. Yamamoto, and S. Fukao

Abstract. In recent works, zenithal and azimuthal angle variations of echo power measured by VHF Stratosphere-Troposphere (ST) radars have been analyzed in detail using different radar multi-beam configurations. It was found that the azimuthal angle corresponding to maximum echo power is closely related to the direction of the horizontal wind shear. These properties indicate that local wind shear affects the tilt of the scatterers. Moreover, horizontal maps of echo power collected using a large set of beams steered pulse-to-pulse up to 40 degrees off zenith revealed that the power distribution pattern in the troposphere is often skewed. In this work, a three-dimensional description of echo power variations up to 24 degrees off zenith is shown for measurements in the lower stratosphere (i.e. up to approximately 20km) using a "sequential multi-beam" (SMB) configuration. Such a description was not possible above the tropopause with classical multi-beam configurations because of the loss of radar sensitivity due to the limited integration time by the use of a large number of beams. This work attempts to complete previous descriptions of the phenomenon by some observations in the lower stratosphere discussed in association with complementary balloon measurements.

Key words. Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (turbulence) – Radio Science (remote sensing)