Articles | Volume 20, issue 6
30 Jun 2002
 | 30 Jun 2002

Statistical study of seismic and ground pressure oscillations with steady frequencies in the 0.7–5 h period range

N. V. Karpova, L. N. Petrova, and G. M. Shved

Abstract. Product spectra of ground pressure variation and seismic oscillations have been calculated in the period sub-ranges of 42–90 min and 2.5–5 h, based on synchronous, co-located microbarograph and seismograph measurements at St. Petersburg (60° N, 30° E). The 200 records of 2–3.5 days in length and a combined duration of 525 days have been used. The product spectra have been computed for winter, spring, summer, and autumn, both individually and in combination. The spectra of different seasons are distinct from each other for both microbarograph and seismograph measurements; this can be caused by a seasonal variation in both frequency and amplitude of free oscillations of the atmosphere. There are pressure and seismic oscillations with close frequencies in the spectra for both, for each season and when all seasons are combined. At present, suggestions may only be made regarding the origin of most of these common oscillations. Once again, the penetration of the Earth’s free oscillation 0S2 with a period of about 54 min into the atmosphere has been confirmed. A common pressure and seismic oscillation with the 206 min period has been detected and has attracted considerable interest. The 159-min periodicity revealed in pressure variations may be associated with the well-known solar oscillation of the 160.01 min period.

Key words. Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (middle atmosphere dynamics; waves and tides)