Articles | Volume 19, issue 8
Special issue:
31 Aug 2001
 | 31 Aug 2001

Anisotropy of Doppler spectral parameters in the VHF radar observations at MU and White Sands

G. D. Nastrom and T. Tsuda

Abstract. Significant differences are found between the mean spectral widths from beams in the meridional plane and in the zonal plane at both the MU and the White Sands VHF radars. The spectral width in the beam directed perpendicular to the prevailing wind is greater than that in the beam parallel to the wind. The magnitudes of the differences in spectral width show a linear relationship with wind speed, with the greatest differences at the greatest wind speeds. The differences in spectral width show a positive correlation with the differences in backscattered power. The anisotropy in backscattered power is well-known and is usually attributed to aspect sensitivity effects. However, the anisotropy in spectral width does not appear to be due to the same mechanism, and while several hypotheses to account for this are considered, including finite range-volume effects, effects from the tilting of isentropic layers, and anisotropic turbulence effects, it is seen that each of these suggestions has its shortcomings.

Key words. Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (turbulence; instruments and techniques)

Special issue