Articles | Volume 18, issue 7
Ann. Geophys., 18, 834–843, 2000

Special issue: Lance Thomas

Ann. Geophys., 18, 834–843, 2000

  31 Jul 2000

31 Jul 2000

Gravity wave intensity and momentum fluxes in the mesosphere over Shigaraki, Japan (35°N, 136°E) during 1986-1997

N. M. Gavrilov1, S. Fukao2, and T. Nakamura2 N. M. Gavrilov et al.
  • 1Atmospheric Physics Department, Saint-Petersburg University, Petrodvorets, 192904, Russia
  • 2Radio Atmospheric Science Center, Kyoto University, Uji, 611-01, Japan
  • Correspondence to: N.M. Gavilov

Abstract. Averaged seasonal variations of wind perturbation intensities and vertical flux of horizontal momentum produced by internal gravity waves (IGWs) with periods 0.2-1 h and 1-6 h are studied at the altitudes 65-80 km using the MU radar measurement data from the middle and upper atmosphere during 1986-1997 at Shigaraki, Japan (35° N, 136° E). IGW intensity has maxima in winter and summer, winter values having substantial interannual variations. Mean wave momentum flux is directed to the west in winter and to the east in summer, opposite to the mean wind in the middle atmosphere. Major IGW momentum fluxes come to the mesosphere over Shigaraki from the Pacific direction in winter and continental Asia in summer.

Key words: Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (middle atmosphere dynamics; waves and tides) · Ionosphere (ionospheric disturbances)

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