Lance Thomas
Lance Thomas

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31 Jul 2000
Introduction: Professor Lance Thomas's 70th Birthday
G. Vaughan
Ann. Geophys., 18, 729–729,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
The equatorial F-layer: progress and puzzles
H. Rishbeth
Ann. Geophys., 18, 730–739,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
A brief history of the development of wind-profiling or MST radars
T. E. Van Zandt
Ann. Geophys., 18, 740–749,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
ST radar observations of atmospheric waves over mountainous areas: a review
J. Röttger
Ann. Geophys., 18, 750–765,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
Quantitative modeling of the ionospheric response to geomagnetic activity
T. J. Fuller-Rowell, M. C. Codrescu, and P. Wilkinson
Ann. Geophys., 18, 766–781,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
Dayside ionospheric response to changes in IMF polarity: optical and plasma-flow observations
S. E. Pryse, A. M. Smith, and L. Kersley
Ann. Geophys., 18, 782–788,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
Yearly variations in the low-latitude topside ionosphere
G.J. Bailey, Y. Z. Su, and K.-I. Oyama
Ann. Geophys., 18, 789–798,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
The generation of non aspect sensitive plasma density irregularities by field aligned drifts in the lower ionosphere
T. R. Robinson and K. Schlegel
Ann. Geophys., 18, 799–806,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
The role of sodium bicarbonate in the nucleation of noctilucent clouds
J. M. C. Plane
Ann. Geophys., 18, 807–814,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
The ALOMAR Rayleigh/Mie/Raman lidar: objectives, configuration, and performance
U. von Zahn, G. von Cossart, J. Fiedler, K. H. Fricke, G. Nelke, G. Baumgarten, D. Rees, A. Hauchecorne, and K. Adolfsen
Ann. Geophys., 18, 815–833,,, 2000
31 Jul 2000
Gravity wave intensity and momentum fluxes in the mesosphere over Shigaraki, Japan (35°N, 136°E) during 1986-1997
N. M. Gavrilov, S. Fukao, and T. Nakamura
Ann. Geophys., 18, 834–843,,, 2000
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