Articles | Volume 18, issue 4
30 Apr 2000
30 Apr 2000

A case study of a radially polarized Pc4 event observed by the Equator-S satellite

R. Cramm, K. H. Glassmeier, C. Othmer, K. H. Fornacon, H. U. Auster, W. Baumjohann, and E. Georgescu

Abstract. A 16 mHz Pc4 pulsation was recorded on March 17, 1998, in the prenoon sector of the Earth's magnetosphere by the Equator-S satellite. The event is strongly localized in radial direction at approximately L = 5 and exhibits properties of a field line resonance such as an ellipticity change as seen by applying the method of the analytical signal to the magnetic field data. The azimuthal wave number was estimated as m \approx 150. We discuss whether this event can be explained by the FLR mechanism and find out that the change in ellipticity is more a general feature of a localized Alfvén wave than indicative of a resonant process.

Key words: Magnetospheric physics (MHD waves and instabilities)