Articles | Volume 18, issue 10
31 Oct 2000
31 Oct 2000

The nonlinear effects on the characteristics of gravity wave packets: dispersion and polarization relations

S.-D. Zhang, F. Yi, and J.-F. Wang

Abstract. By analyzing the results of the numerical simulations of nonlinear propagation of three Gaussian gravity-wave packets in isothermal atmosphere individually, the nonlinear effects on the characteristics of gravity waves are studied quantitatively. The analyses show that during the nonlinear propagation of gravity wave packets the mean flows are accelerated and the vertical wavelengths show clear reduction due to nonlinearity. On the other hand, though nonlinear effects exist, the time variations of the frequencies of gravity wave packets are close to those derived from the dispersion relation and the amplitude and phase relations of wave-associated disturbance components are consistent with the predictions of the polarization relation of gravity waves. This indicates that the dispersion and polarization relations based on the linear gravity wave theory can be applied extensively in the nonlinear region.

Key words: Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (middle atmosphere dynamics; waves and tides)