Articles | Volume 16, issue 10
Special issue:
31 Oct 1998
31 Oct 1998

Meridional thermospheric neutral wind at high latitude over a full solar cycle

O. Witasse, J. Lilensten, C. Lathuillere, and B. Pibaret

Abstract. EISCAT radar experiments over a full solar cycle between January 1984 and March 1995 have been used to construct meridional neutral wind patterns in the ionospheric F region. For locally geomagnetically quiet periods the neutral winds have been binned according to season, solar activity, and universal time. The diurnal and seasonal behaviors and the effect of the solar flux are described. An empirical model of the meridional neutral wind for the high latitudes at eight altitudes in the ionospheric F region over a full solar cycle is presented. Results are compared with other recent empirical models.

Key words. Auroral ionosphere · Thermospheric dynamics · EISCAT

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