Articles | Volume 15, issue 2
28 Feb 1997
28 Feb 1997

Determination of the dispersion of low frequency waves downstream of a quasiperpendicular collisionless shock

M. A. Balikhin, L. J. C. Woolliscroft, H. St. C. Alleyne, M. Dunlop, and M. A. Gedalin

Abstract. A method of wave mode determination, which was announced in Balikhin and Gedalin, is applied to AMPTE UKS and AMPTE IRM magnetic field measurements downstream of supercritical quasiperpendicular shock. The method is based on the fact that the relation between phase difference of the waves measured by two satellites, Doppler shift equation, the direction of the wave propagation are enough to obtain the dispersion equation of the observed waves. It is shown that the low frequency turbulence mainly consists of waves observed below 1 Hz with a linear dependence between the absolute value of wave vector |k| and the plasma frame wave frequency. The phase velocity of these waves is close to the phase velocity of intermediate waves Vint = Vacos(θ).