Ninth International Conference on Substorms (ICS9)
Ninth International Conference on Substorms (ICS9)
Editor(s): R. Nakamura, W. Baumjohann, S. Milan, and D. Sibeck

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28 Oct 2009
High latitude magnetospheric topology and magnetospheric substorm
E. E. Antonova, I. P. Kirpichev, I. L. Ovchinnikov, K. G. Orlova, and M. V. Stepanova
Ann. Geophys., 27, 4069–4073,,, 2009
25 Sep 2009
On the triggering of auroral substorms by northward turnings of the interplanetary magnetic field
J. A. Wild, E. E. Woodfield, and S. K. Morley
Ann. Geophys., 27, 3559–3570,,, 2009
14 Aug 2009
Changes in the response of the AL Index with solar cycle and epoch within a corotating interaction region
R. L. McPherron, L. Kepko, T. I. Pulkkinen, T. S. Hsu, J. W. Weygand, and L. F. Bargatze
Ann. Geophys., 27, 3165–3178,,, 2009
12 Aug 2009
Search for an onset mechanism that operates for both CMEs and substorms
G. L. Siscoe, M. M. Kuznetsova, and J. Raeder
Ann. Geophys., 27, 3141–3146,,, 2009
04 Aug 2009
Observations of plasma vortices in the vicinity of flow-braking: a case study
K. Keika, R. Nakamura, M. Volwerk, V. Angelopoulos, W. Baumjohann, A. Retinò, M. Fujimoto, J. W. Bonnell, H. J. Singer, H. U. Auster, J. P. McFadden, D. Larson, and I. Mann
Ann. Geophys., 27, 3009–3017,,, 2009
15 Jul 2009
Timing and location of substorm onsets from THEMIS satellite and ground based observations
S. Mende, V. Angelopoulos, H. U. Frey, E. Donovan, B. Jackel, K.-H. Glassmeier, J. P. McFadden, D. Larson, and C. W. Carlson
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2813–2830,,, 2009
25 Jun 2009
A summary of observational records on periodicities above the rotational period in the Jovian magnetosphere
E. A. Kronberg, J. Woch, N. Krupp, and A. Lagg
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2565–2573,,, 2009
08 Jun 2009
Quasi-parallel whistler mode waves observed by THEMIS during near-earth dipolarizations
O. Le Contel, A. Roux, C. Jacquey, P. Robert, M. Berthomier, T. Chust, B. Grison, V. Angelopoulos, D. Sibeck, C. C. Chaston, C. M. Cully, B. Ergun, K.-H. Glassmeier, U. Auster, J. McFadden, C. Carlson, D. Larson, J. W. Bonnell, S. Mende, C. T. Russell, E. Donovan, I. Mann, and H. Singer
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2259–2275,,, 2009
08 Jun 2009
Three-dimensional earthward fast flow in the near-Earth plasma sheet in a sheared field: comparisons between simulations and observations
K. Kondoh and M. Ugai
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2297–2302,,, 2009
08 Jun 2009
Substorm activity in Venus's magnetotail
M. Volwerk, M. Delva, Y. Futaana, A. Retinò, Z. Vörös, T. L. Zhang, W. Baumjohann, and S. Barabash
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2321–2330,,, 2009
15 May 2009
The structure of an earthward propagating magnetic flux rope early in its evolution: comparison of methods
C. Möstl, C.J. Farrugia, H. K. Biernat, S. A. Kiehas, R. Nakamura, V. V. Ivanova, and Y. Khotyaintsev
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2215–2224,,, 2009
13 May 2009
In-situ observation of ULF wave activities associated with substorm expansion phase onset and current disruption
J. Liang, W. W. Liu, E. F. Donovan, and E. Spanswick
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2191–2204,,, 2009
08 May 2009
Observational evidence for an inside-out substorm onset scenario
M. G. Henderson
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2129–2140,,, 2009
04 May 2009
THEMIS observation of a substorm event on 04:35, 22 February 2008
J. Liu, V. Angelopoulos, H. Frey, J. McFadden, D. Larson, K. Glassmeier, S. Mende, C. T. Russell, I. J. Rae, K. R. Murphy, and S. Apatenkov
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1831–1841,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Longitudinal development of a substorm brightening arc
K. Shiokawa, A. Ieda, A. Nakajima, K. Sakaguchi, R. Nomura, T. Aslaksen, M. Greffen, E. Spanswick, E. Donovan, S. B. Mende, J. McFadden, K.-H. Glassmeier, V. Angelopoulos, and Y. Miyashita
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1935–1940,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Disruption of magnetospheric current sheet by quasi-electrostatic field
W. W. Liu and J. Liang
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1941–1950,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Development of substorm bulges during different solar wind structures
I. V. Despirak, A. A. Lubchich, A. G. Yahnin, B. V. Kozelov, and H. K. Biernat
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1951–1960,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Estimating the magnetic energy inside traveling compression regions
S. A. Kiehas, V. S. Semenov, H. K. Biernat, V. V. Ivanova, R. Nakamura, and W. Baumjohann
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1969–1978,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Intermittency of storms and substorms: is it related to the critical behaviour?
P. Dobias and J. A. Wanliss
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2011–2018,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Global observations of substorm injection region evolution: 27 August 2001
E. Spanswick, E. Donovan, W. Liu, J. Liang, J. B. Blake, G. Reeves, R. Friedel, B. Jackel, C. Cully, and A. Weatherwax
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2019–2025,,, 2009
09 Apr 2009
Evolution of dipolarization in the near-Earth current sheet induced by Earthward rapid flux transport
R. Nakamura, A. Retinò, W. Baumjohann, M. Volwerk, N. Erkaev, B. Klecker, E. A. Lucek, I. Dandouras, M. André, and Y. Khotyaintsev
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1743–1754,,, 2009
01 Apr 2009
Kinetic thin current sheets: their formation in relation to magnetotail mesoscale turbulent dynamics
A. P. Kropotkin and V. I. Domrin
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1353–1361,,, 2009
01 Apr 2009
Spatial variation of eddy-diffusion coefficients in the turbulent plasma sheet during substorms
M. Stepanova, E. E. Antonova, D. Paredes-Davis, I. L. Ovchinnikov, and Y. I. Yermolaev
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1407–1411,,, 2009
01 Apr 2009
Features of auroral breakup obtained using data of ground-based television observations: case study
E. E. Antonova, I. A. Kornilov, T. A. Kornilova, O. I. Kornilov, and M. V. Stepanova
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1413–1422,,, 2009
01 Apr 2009
Dual source populations of substorm-associated ring current ions
M. Yamauchi, Y. Ebihara, I. Dandouras, and H. Rème
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1431–1438,,, 2009
31 Mar 2009
Dipole tilt effects in plasma sheet By: statistical model and extreme values
A. A. Petrukovich
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1343–1352,,, 2009
06 Mar 2009
Initiation of ballooning instability in the near-Earth plasma sheet prior to the 23 March 2007 THEMIS substorm expansion onset
P. Zhu, J. Raeder, K. Germaschewski, and C. C. Hegna
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1129–1138,,, 2009
05 Mar 2009
Azimuthal expansion of the dipolarization at geosynchronous orbits associated with substorms
C. J. Watson and P. T. Jayachandran
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1113–1118,,, 2009
04 Mar 2009
Reconnection in substorms and solar flares: analogies and differences
J. Birn and M. Hesse
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1067–1078,,, 2009
02 Mar 2009
Collisionless magnetic reconnection: analytical model and PIC simulation comparison
V. Semenov, D. Korovinskiy, A. Divin, N. Erkaev, and H. Biernat
Ann. Geophys., 27, 905–911,,, 2009
19 Feb 2009
Low frequency eigenmodes of thin anisotropic current sheets and Cluster observations
L. M. Zelenyi, A. V. Artemyev, A. A. Petrukovich, R. Nakamura, H. V. Malova, and V. Y. Popov
Ann. Geophys., 27, 861–868,,, 2009
16 Feb 2009
Collective dynamics of bursty particle precipitation initiating in the inner and outer plasma sheet
V. M. Uritsky, E. Donovan, A. J. Klimas, and E. Spanswick
Ann. Geophys., 27, 745–753,,, 2009
09 Feb 2009
Fine structures and dynamics in auroral initial brightening at substorm onsets
K. Sakaguchi, K. Shiokawa, A. Ieda, R. Nomura, A. Nakajima, M. Greffen, E. Donovan, I. R. Mann, H. Kim, and M. Lessard
Ann. Geophys., 27, 623–630,,, 2009
06 Feb 2009
Superposed epoch analysis of the ionospheric convection evolution during substorms: onset latitude dependence
A. Grocott, J. A. Wild, S. E. Milan, and T. K. Yeoman
Ann. Geophys., 27, 591–600,,, 2009
02 Feb 2009
Vertical evolution of auroral acceleration at substorm onset
A. Morioka, Y. Miyoshi, F. Tsuchiya, H. Misawa, K. Yumoto, G. K. Parks, R. R. Anderson, J. D. Menietti, and F. Honary
Ann. Geophys., 27, 525–535,,, 2009
23 Jan 2009
A route to explosive large-scale magnetic reconnection in a super-ion-scale current sheet
K. G. Tanaka, K. Haijima, M. Fujimoto, and I. Shinohara
Ann. Geophys., 27, 395–405,,, 2009
23 Jan 2009
MHD aspect of current sheet oscillations related to magnetic field gradients
N. V. Erkaev, V. S. Semenov, I. V. Kubyshkin, M. V. Kubyshkina, and H. K. Biernat
Ann. Geophys., 27, 417–425,,, 2009
19 Jan 2009
Global properties of magnetotail current sheet flapping: THEMIS perspectives
A. Runov, V. Angelopoulos, V. A. Sergeev, K.-H. Glassmeier, U. Auster, J. McFadden, D. Larson, and I. Mann
Ann. Geophys., 27, 319–328,,, 2009
06 Jan 2009
Plasmoid formation for multiple onset substorms: observations of the Japanese Lunar Mission "Kaguya"
T. Nagai, H. Tsunakawa, H. Shibuya, F. Takahashi, H. Shimizu, M. Matsushima, M. N. Nishino, Y. Yokota, K. Asamura, T. Tanaka, Y. Saito, and O. Amm
Ann. Geophys., 27, 59–64,,, 2009
06 Jan 2009
Effects of solar wind density on auroral electrojets and brightness under influence of substorms
J.-H. Shue, Y. Kamide, and J. W. Gjerloev
Ann. Geophys., 27, 113–119,,, 2009
09 Dec 2008
Tailward propagation of Pi2 waves in the Earth's magnetotail lobe
M. Volwerk, R. Nakamura, W. Baumjohann, T. Uozumi, K. Yumoto, and A. Balogh
Ann. Geophys., 26, 4023–4030,,, 2008
02 Dec 2008
Conditions for substorm onset by the fast reconnection mechanism
M. Ugai
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3875–3883,,, 2008
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