STAMMS: Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Multipoint Measurements in Space (2007)
STAMMS: Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Multipoint Measurements in Space (2007)
Editor(s): V. Krasnoselskikh, M. L. Goldstein, and T. Dudok de Wit

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05 May 2009
A global study of hot flow anomalies using Cluster multi-spacecraft measurements
G. Facskó, Z. Németh, G. Erdős, A. Kis, and I. Dandouras
Ann. Geophys., 27, 2057–2076,,, 2009
04 May 2009
Cluster survey of the mid-altitude cusp – Part 2: Large-scale morphology
F. Pitout, C. P. Escoubet, B. Klecker, and I. Dandouras
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1875–1886,,, 2009
14 Apr 2009
Cluster and ACE observations of phase synchronization in intermittent magnetic field turbulence: a comparative study of shocked and unshocked solar wind
A. C.-L. Chian and R. A. Miranda
Ann. Geophys., 27, 1789–1801,,, 2009
02 Mar 2009
Remote sensing of local structure of the quasi-perpendicular Earth's bow shock by using field-aligned beams
B. Miao, H. Kucharek, E. Möbius, C. Mouikis, H. Matsui, Y. C.-M. Liu, and E. A. Lucek
Ann. Geophys., 27, 913–921,,, 2009
11 Feb 2009
Drift-Alfvén waves in space plasmas – theory and mode identification
O. G. Onishchenko, O. A. Pokhotelov, V. V. Krasnoselskikh, and S. I. Shatalov
Ann. Geophys., 27, 639–644,,, 2009
26 Nov 2008
Foreshock density holes in the context of known upstream plasma structures
M. Wilber, G. K. Parks, K. Meziane, N. Lin, E. Lee, C. Mazelle, and A. Harris
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3741–3755,,, 2008
25 Nov 2008
Nonlinear low-frequency wave aspect of foreshock density holes
N. Lin, E. Lee, F. Mozer, G. K. Parks, M. Wilber, and H. Rème
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3707–3718,,, 2008
20 Nov 2008
The statistics of foreshock cavities: results of a Cluster survey
L. Billingham, S. J. Schwartz, and D. G. Sibeck
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3653–3667,,, 2008
20 Nov 2008
Formation of current density profile in tilted current sheets
A. A. Petrukovich, W. Baumjohann, R. Nakamura, and A. Runov
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3669–3676,,, 2008
17 Nov 2008
Magnetic configurations of the tilted current sheets in magnetotail
C. Shen, Z. J. Rong, X. Li, M. Dunlop, Z. X. Liu, H. V. Malova, E. Lucek, and C. Carr
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3525–3543,,, 2008
17 Nov 2008
Spectra and anisotropy of magnetic fluctuations in the Earth's magnetosheath: Cluster observations
O. Alexandrova, C. Lacombe, and A. Mangeney
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3585–3596,,, 2008
06 Nov 2008
Reconstruction of time-varying reconnection rate and X-line location
V. V. Ivanova, V. S. Semenov, I. B. Ivanov, H. K. Biernat, and S. A. Kiehas
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3445–3450,,, 2008
05 Nov 2008
The Hall current system revealed as a statistical significant pattern during fast flows
K. Snekvik, R. Nakamura, N. Østgaard, S. Haaland, and A. Retinò
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3429–3437,,, 2008
22 Oct 2008
Observations of vortex-like structure in the cusp-magnetosheath region during northward IMF orientation
O. Tkachenko, J. Šafránková, Z. Němeček, J. Šimůnek, and L. Přech
Ann. Geophys., 26, 3375–3387,,, 2008
23 Sep 2008
Derivation of inner magnetospheric electric field (UNH-IMEF) model using Cluster data set
H. Matsui, P. A. Puhl-Quinn, V. K. Jordanova, Y. Khotyaintsev, P.-A. Lindqvist, and R. B. Torbert
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2887–2898,,, 2008
23 Sep 2008
On nonstationarity and rippling of the quasiperpendicular zone of the Earth bow shock: Cluster observations
V. V. Lobzin, V. V. Krasnoselskikh, K. Musatenko, and T. Dudok de Wit
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2899–2910,,, 2008
22 Sep 2008
Cluster observations of near-Earth magnetospheric lobe plasma densities – a statistical study
K. R. Svenes, B. Lybekk, A. Pedersen, and S. Haaland
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2845–2852,,, 2008
12 Sep 2008
First results from ideal 2-D MHD reconstruction: magnetopause reconnection event seen by Cluster
W.-L. Teh and B. U. Ö. Sonnerup
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2673–2684,,, 2008
12 Sep 2008
High-latitude plasma convection during Northward IMF as derived from in-situ magnetospheric Cluster EDI measurements
M. Förster, S. E. Haaland, G. Paschmann, J. M. Quinn, R. B. Torbert, H. Vaith, and C. A. Kletzing
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2685–2700,,, 2008
01 Sep 2008
Correlation length of magnetosheath fluctuations: Cluster statistics
O. Gutynska, J. Šafránková, and Z. Němeček
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2503–2513,,, 2008
13 Aug 2008
Momentum transfer at the high-latitude magnetopause and boundary layers
E. J. Lund, C. J. Farrugia, and P. E. Sandholt
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2449–2458,,, 2008
05 Aug 2008
The azimuthal extent of three flux transfer events
R. C. Fear, S. E. Milan, A. N. Fazakerley, E. A. Lucek, S. W. H. Cowley, and I. Dandouras
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2353–2369,,, 2008
05 Aug 2008
Plasma convection in the magnetotail lobes: statistical results from Cluster EDI measurements
S. Haaland, G. Paschmann, M. Förster, J. Quinn, R. Torbert, H. Vaith, P. Puhl-Quinn, and C. Kletzing
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2371–2382,,, 2008
05 Aug 2008
What is the best method to calculate the solar wind propagation delay?
B. Mailyan, C. Munteanu, and S. Haaland
Ann. Geophys., 26, 2383–2394,,, 2008
CC BY 4.0