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31 Dec 1996
EISCAT measurements of the solar wind
A. R. Breen, W. A. Coles, R. R. Grall, M. T. Klinglesmith, J. Markkanen, P. J. Moran, B. Tegid, and P. J. S. Williams
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1235–1245,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Predicted signatures of pulsed reconnection in ESR data
C. J. Davis and M. Lockwood
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1246–1256,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Auroral-arc splitting by intrusion of a new convection channel
H. U. Frey, G. Haerendel, S. Buchert, and B. S. Lanchester
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1257–1264,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
On the current-voltage relationship in auroral breakups and westwards-travelling surges
A. Olsson, A. I. Eriksson, and P. Janhunen
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1265–1273,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Observations of nightside auroral plasma upflows in the F-region and topside ionosphere
C. Foster and M. Lester
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1274–1283,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Large-scale distributions of ionospheric horizontal and field-aligned currents inferred from EISCAT
D. Fontaine and C. Peymirat
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1284–1296,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Auroral ionospheric conductivities: a comparison between experiment and modeling, and theoretical f10.7-dependent model for EISCAT and ESR
J. Lilensten, P. L. Blelly, W. Kofman, and D. Alcaydé
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1297–1304,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
A localised co-rotating auroral absorption event observed near noon using imaging riometer and EISCAT
P. N. Collis, J. K. Hargreaves, and G. P. White
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1305–1316,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
PMSE observations at three different frequencies in northern Europe during summer 1994
J. Bremer, P. Hoffmann, A. H. Manson, C. E. Meek, R. Rüster, and W. Singer
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1317–1327,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Anomalous echoes observed with the EISCAT UHF radar at 100-km altitude
E. Malnes, N. Bjørnå, and T. L. Hansen
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1328–1342,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Numerical modelling of the thermospheric and ionospheric effects of magnetospheric processes in the cusp region
A. A. Namgaladze, A. N. Namgaladze, and M. A. Volkov
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1343–1355,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Models of field-aligned currents needful to simulate the substorm variations of the electric field and other parameters observed by EISCAT
M. A. Volkov and A. A. Namgaladze
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1356–1361,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Global modelling study (GSM TIP) of the ionospheric effects of excited N2, convection and heat fluxes by comparison with EISCAT and satellite data for 31 July 1990
Yu. N. Korenkov, V. V. Klimenko, M. Förster, V. A. Surotkin, and J. Smilauer
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1362–1374,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Calibration of a numerical ionospheric model with EISCAT observations
P.-L. Blelly, J. Lilensten, A. Robineau, J. Fontanari, and D. Alcaydé
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1375–1390,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Modelling high-latitude electron densities with a coupled thermosphere-ionosphere model
J. Schoendorf, A. D. Aylward, and R. J. Moffett
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1391–1402,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
A comparison of EISCAT and Dynasonde measurements of the auroral ionosphere
K. J. F. Sedgemore, P. J. S. Williams, G. O. L. Jones, and J. W. Wright
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1403–1412,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
EISCAT verification in the development of ionospheric tomography
I. K. Walker, J. A. T. Heaton, L. Kersley, C. N. Mitchell, S. E. Pryse, and M. J. Williams
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1413–1421,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Comparison of F-region electron density observations by satellite radio tomography and incoherent scatter methods
T. Nygrén, M. Markkanen, M. Lehtinen, E. D. Tereshchenko, B. Z. Khudukon, O. V. Evstafiev, and P. Pollari
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1422–1428,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Relationships between GPS-signal propagation errors and EISCAT observations
N. Jakowski, E. Sardon, E. Engler, A. Jungstand, and D. Klähn
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1429–1436,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Artificial periodic irregularities in the auroral ionosphere
M.T. Rietveld, E. Turunen, H. Matveinen, N. P. Goncharov, and P. Pollari
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1437–1453,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Radar observations of ionospheric irregularities at Syowa Station, Antarctica: a brief overview
T. Ogawa
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1454–1461,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Enhanced incoherent scatter plasma lines
H. Nilsson, S. Kirkwood, J. Lilensten, and M. Galand
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1462–1472,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Alternating-code experiment for plasma-line studies
P. Guio, N. Bjørnå, and W. Kofman
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1473–1479,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Errors due to random noise in velocity measurement using incoherent-scatter radar
P. J. S. Williams, A. Etemadi, I. W. McCrea, and H. Todd
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1480–1486,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
First experiences of full-profile analysis with GUISDAP
M. S. Lehtinen, A. Huuskonen, and J. Pirttilä
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1487–1495,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Ionospheric composition measurement by EISCAT using a global fit procedure
B. Cabrit and W. Kofman
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1496–1505,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Current state-of-the-art for the measurement of non-Maxwellian plasma parameters with the EISCAT UHF Facility
D. Hubert, F. Leblanc, and P. Gaimard
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1506–1512,,, 1996
31 Dec 1996
Time-frequency tools of signal processing for EISCAT data analysis
J. Lilensten and P. O. Amblard
Ann. Geophys., 14, 1513–1525,,, 1996
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