Articles | Volume 33, issue 7
ANGEO Communicates
27 Jul 2015
ANGEO Communicates |  | 27 Jul 2015

Several notes on the OH* layer

M. Grygalashvyly

Abstract. This brief note introduces several analytical approaches to OH* layer parameters. The number density and height of the OH* layer peak are determined by the distributions of atomic oxygen and temperature, and by corresponding vertical gradients. The theory can be applied to satellite-borne and ground-based airglow measurements, as well as to model results.

Short summary
The expressions that determine the altitude and number density at peak of the OH* layer were derived. OH* number density in the vicinity of the OH* layer is directly proportional to the atomic oxygen concentration and inversely proportional to the power of temperature. The peak of the layer number density is anti-correlated with the height of the peak. Atomic oxygen is responsible for the vertical separation of sub-layers with different vibrational numbers, and for the distance between them.