Articles | Volume 32, issue 7
Regular paper
02 Jul 2014
Regular paper |  | 02 Jul 2014

Temperature and precipitation in Northeast China during the last 150 years: relationship to large-scale climatic variability

S. Alessio, C. Taricco, S. Rubinetti, G. Vivaldo, and S. Mancuso

Abstract. The analysis of two historical time series of temperature and precipitation in Northeast China, spanning, respectively, 1870–2004 and 1841–2004, performed by continuous wavelet transform and other classical and advanced spectral methods, is presented here. Both variables show a particular trend and oscillations of about 85, 60, 35 and 20 years that are highly significant, with a phase opposition at the centennial scale and at the 20-year scale. The analysis of the four temperature series relative to single seasons shows that the 20-year cycle is typical of the summer monsoon season, while the 35-year cycle is most evident in winter. The cycles of ~ 60 years and longer are present in all seasons. The centennial variation of temperature and precipitation describes well the 1970–1980 transition between a period of relatively strong East Asian Summer Monsoon (EASM), corresponding to high precipitation and relatively cool temperatures in Northeast China, and a conditions of weak EASM (low precipitation and warm temperatures). The connection of the detected local variations with large-scale climatic variability is deduced from the comparison with different climatic records (Northern Hemisphere temperature, Pacific Decadal Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation indexes).