Articles | Volume 30, issue 8
17 Aug 2012
 | 17 Aug 2012

Simulation study of the large-scale modification of the mid-latitude F-layer by HF radio waves with different powers

G. I. Mingaleva, V. S. Mingalev, and O. V. Mingalev

Abstract. A mathematical model of the ionosphere, developed earlier, is applied to investigate the large-scale mid-latitude F-layer modification by HF radio waves with different powers. Simulations are performed for the point with geographic coordinates of the "Sura" heating facility (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) for autumn conditions. The calculations are made for distinct cases, in which the effective absorbed power has different values belonging to the 5–100 MW range, both for nocturnal and daytime conditions. The frequency of powerful HF waves is chosen to be close to the most effective frequency for the large-scale F2-layer modification. The results of modeling indicate that the effective absorbed power can influence considerably the F-layer response to high-power radio waves in the mid-latitude ionosphere.