Articles | Volume 29, issue 3
04 Mar 2011
 | 04 Mar 2011

Analysis of ionospheric electrodynamic parameters on mesoscales – a review of selected techniques using data from ground-based observation networks and satellites

H. Vanhamäki and O. Amm

Abstract. We present a review of selected data-analysis methods that are frequently applied in studies of ionospheric electrodynamics and magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling using ground-based and space-based data sets. Our focus is on methods that are data driven (not simulations or statistical models) and can be used in mesoscale studies, where the analysis area is typically some hundreds or thousands of km across. The selection of reviewed methods is such that most combinations of measured input data (electric field, conductances, magnetic field and currents) that occur in practical applications are covered. The techniques are used to solve the unmeasured parameters from Ohm's law and Maxwell's equations, possibly with help of some simplifying assumptions. In addition to reviewing existing data-analysis methods, we also briefly discuss possible extensions that may be used for upcoming data sets.