Articles | Volume 28, issue 2
03 Feb 2010
 | 03 Feb 2010

The influence of Titan on Saturn kilometric radiation

J. D. Menietti, S.-Y. Ye, C. W. Piker, and B. Cecconi

Abstract. Previous studies have shown that the occurrence probability of Saturn Kilometric Radiation (SKR) appears to be influenced by the local time of Titan. Using a more extensive set of data than the original study, we confirm the correlation of higher occurrence probability of SKR when Titan is located near local midnight. In addition, the direction finding capability of the Cassini Radio Plasma Wave instrument (RPWS) is used to determine if this radio emission emanates from particular source regions. We find that most source regions of SKR are located in the mid-morning sector of local time even when Titan is located near midnight. However, some emission does appear to have a source in the Saturnian nightside, consistent with electron precipitation from field lines that have recently mapped to near Titan.