Articles | Volume 28, issue 11
09 Nov 2010
 | 09 Nov 2010

Daytime sodium airglow emission measurements over Trivandrum using a scanning monochromator: first results

M. M. Hossain, T. K. Pant, C. Vineeth, S. G. Sumod, and R. Sridharan

Abstract. This paper presents measurement of daytime Sodium (Na) airglow emissions at 589.6 nm wavelength using a ground based 1-m scanning monochromator from Trivandrum (8.5° N, 77° E, 0.5° N dip latitude), a near-equatorial station in India. The Na emission intensity exhibits significant temporal variability within a day and from one day to another. The Na intensity has been compared with the daytime OH airglow intensity at 731.6 nm simultaneously measured using the unique Multiwavelength Dayglow Photometer (MWDPM). The temporal variabilities of the Na and OH intensities corroborate each other in most of the occasions without any appreciable time delay, although a small time delay up to ~10 min has been observed at times. It appears that the variability of daytime Na emissions is influenced too by the photo-chemical excitations. The observed similarities in the Na and OH intensities are believed to be due to the similar roles played by [O] and O3 (in their photo-chemical excitations) and the dynamics occurring at about the same altitude region (~90 km). It has also been found that the gravity waves play significant role in producing the short-scale oscillations in these emissions.