Articles | Volume 28, issue 9
ANGEO Communicates
30 Sep 2010
ANGEO Communicates |  | 30 Sep 2010

Remote auroral activity detection and modeling using low frequency transmitter signal reception at a midlatitude site

E. D. Schmitter

Abstract. The low frequency propagation conditions along the path from Iceland to Germany (52° N 8° E) using the NRK/TFK 37.5 kHz transmitter (63.9° N 22.5° W) prove as an easy to monitor and reliable proxy for north auroral activity. Signal processing using wavelet decomposition allows for quantitative activity level estimations. Calibration is based upon NOAA POES auroral activity data. Using an auroral oval model for the local intensity distribution of solar energetic particle precipitation and a wave propagation model ionospheric D-layer height decreases along the path can be derived. This in turn gives a hint to the low latitude extension and intensity of the auroral electrojet currents that can be responsible for communication and power systems failures.