Articles | Volume 28, issue 7
ANGEO Communicates
12 Jul 2010
ANGEO Communicates |  | 12 Jul 2010

Some characteristics of large-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances and a relationship between the F2 layer height rises of these disturbances and equatorial pre-sunrise events

G. G. Bowman and I. K. Mortimer

Abstract. Initially some characteristics of large-scale travelling ionospheric disturbances (LS-TIDs) have been discussed briefly particularly as reported in the early literature. These discussions also involve the literature on the generation of LS-TIDs at times of geomagnetic bays. Secondly, the possibility that LS-TIDs may be responsible for the F2 layer equatorial pre-sunrise height rises is investigated. Tabulations at hourly intervals of h'F at Huancayo and Washington for a Rz max period (1957–1960) have been used to identify height rises. For a three-hour interval at Huancayo h'F levels equal to or greater than 40 km of medians are used to identify the pre-sunrise height rises. Also height rises at Washington, which occurred earlier than those at Huancayo, have been considered for evidence of travelling disturbances. For 40 events analysed using geomagnetic bays and Washington height rises, a few hours before they occur at Huancayo, indicate the statistical significance of an association with LS-TIDs. Similar results of statistical significance have been obtained using Washington events and bays on average 34 h before 46 Huancayo events. These delays ranged from 29 h to 38 h. The results indicate that bays which occur the day before are responsible for LS-TIDs which encircle the earth.