Articles | Volume 27, issue 7
03 Jul 2009
 | 03 Jul 2009

MF radar observations of the diurnal tide over Syowa, Antarctica (69° S, 40° E)

Y. Tomikawa and M. Tsutsumi

Abstract. Characteristics of the diurnal tide in the Antarctic mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) are investigated using 10 years of medium frequency (MF) radar data from Syowa Station (69° S, 39.6° E). Seasonal variations and height dependence of the diurnal amplitude and phase of zonal and meridional winds are mostly consistent with previous studies using the other Antarctic station data. The meridional momentum flux due to the diurnal tide shows a seasonal variation clearly different between above and below 90 km, which has never been reported in the literature. Finally, a cause of some discrepancy in the characteristics of the diurnal tide between the observation and simulation (i.e., GSWM-02) is discussed. It implies that the realistic representation of gravity waves in the simulation is crucial for realistic modeling of the diurnal tide.