Articles | Volume 27, issue 6
24 Jun 2009
 | 24 Jun 2009

On the response of the equatorial and low latitude ionospheric regions in the Indian sector to the large magnetic disturbance of 29 October 2003

G. Manju, T. Kumar Pant, S. Ravindran, and R. Sridharan

Abstract. The present paper investigates the response of the equatorial and low latitude ionosphere over the Indian longitudes to the events on 29 October 2003 using ionosonde data at Trivandrum (8.5° N (0.5° N geomagnetic), 77° E) and SHAR (13.7° N (5.7° N geomagnetic), 80.2° E), ground-based magnetometer data from Trivandrum and Total Electron Content (TEC) derived from GPS data at the locations of Ahmedabad (23° N (15° N geomagnetic), 72° E), Jodhpur (26.3° N (18.3° N geomagnetic), 73° E) and Delhi (28° N (20° N geomagnetic), 77° E). Following the storm sudden commencement, the TEC at all the three stations showed an overall enhancement in association with episodes of inter-planetary electric field penetration. Interestingly, real ionospheric height profiles derived using the ionosonde data at both Trivandrum and SHAR showed significant short-term excursions and recoveries. In the post noon sector, these features are more pronounced over SHAR, an off equatorial station, than those over Trivandrum indicating the increased effects of neutral winds.