Articles | Volume 26, issue 7
28 Jul 2008
 | 28 Jul 2008

Pc5 waves generated by substorm injection: a case study

N. A. Zolotukhina, P. N. Mager, and D. Yu. Klimushkin

Abstract. We analyzed the spectral-polarized characteristics of Pc5 ULF waves observed on 17 September 2000 after the 03:20:25 UT substorm onset with the satellites GOES 8 and 10 located east and west of the onset location. In the course of the event, the wave polarization changed from mixed (between toroidal and poloidal) to poloidal, and then to mixed again. The hodogram of magnetic field oscillations rotated counterclockwise at GOES 8, and clockwise at GOES 10. It is suggested that the satellites detected the waves generated by the substorm injected clouds of the charged particles drifting in the magnetosphere in the opposite azimuthal directions: GOES 8 (located east of the substorm onset) detected the wave generated by an electron cloud, and GOES 10 (west of the onset) detected the wave generated by a positive ion cloud. This interpretation is confirmed by the energetic particles data recorded by LANL satellites.