Articles | Volume 26, issue 5
28 May 2008
 | 28 May 2008

Global change induced trends in ion composition of the troposphere to the lower thermosphere

G. Beig

Abstract. In this paper a brief overview of the changes in atmospheric ion compositions driven by the human-induced changes in related neutral species, and temperature from the troposphere to lower thermosphere has been made. It is found that ionic compositions undergo significant variations. The variations calculated for the double-CO2 scenario are both long-term and permanent in nature. Major neutrals which take part in the lower and middle atmospheric ion chemical schemes and undergo significant changes due to anthropogenic activities are: O, O2, H2O, NO, acetonitrile, pyridinated compounds, acetone and aerosol. The concentration of positive ion/electron density does not change appreciably in the middle atmosphere but indicates a marginal decrease above about 75 km until about 85 km, above which the magnitude of negative trend decreases and becomes negligible at 93 km. Acetonitrile cluster ions in the upper stratosphere are likely to increase, whereas NO+ and NO+(H2O) in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region are expected to decrease for the double CO2 scenario. It is also found that the atmospheric density of pyridinated cluster ions is fast rising in the troposphere.