Articles | Volume 25, issue 10
06 Nov 2007
 | 06 Nov 2007

Low frequency wave sources in the outer magnetosphere, magnetosheath, and near Earth solar wind

O. D. Constantinescu, K.-H. Glassmeier, P. M. E. Décréau, M. Fränz, and K.-H. Fornaçon

Abstract. The interaction of the solar wind with the Earth magnetosphere generates a broad variety of plasma waves through different mechanisms. The four Cluster spacecraft allow one to determine the regions where these waves are generated and their propagation directions. One of the tools which takes full advantage of the multi-point capabilities of the Cluster mission is the wave telescope technique which provides the wave vector using a plane wave representation. In order to determine the distance to the wave sources, the source locator – a generalization of the wave telescope to spherical waves – has been recently developed. We are applying the source locator to magnetic field data from a typical traversal of Cluster from the cusp region and the outer magnetosphere into the magnetosheath and the near Earth solar wind. We find a high concentration of low frequency wave sources in the electron foreshock and in the cusp region. To a lower extent, low frequency wave sources are also found in other magnetospheric regions.