Articles | Volume 24, issue 10
20 Oct 2006
 | 20 Oct 2006

Gravity waves observed from the Equatorial Wave Studies (EWS) campaign during 1999 and 2000 and their role in the generation of stratospheric semiannual oscillations

V. Deepa, G. Ramkumar, and B. V. Krishna Murthy

Abstract. The altitude profiles of temperature fluctuations in the stratosphere and mesosphere observed with the Rayleigh Lidar at Gadanki (13.5° N, 79.2° E) on 30 nights during January to March 1999 and 21 nights during February to April 2000 were analysed to bring out the temporal and vertical propagation characteristics of gravity wave perturbations. The gravity wave perturbations showed periodicities in the 0.5–3-h range and attained large amplitudes (4–5 K) in the mesosphere. The phase propagation characteristics of gravity waves with different periods showed upward wave propagation with a vertical wavelength of 5–7 km. The mean flow acceleration computed from the divergence of momentum flux of gravity waves is compared with that calculated from monthly values of zonal wind obtained from RH-200 rockets flights. Thus, the contribution of gravity waves towards the generation of Stratospheric Semi Annual Oscillation (SSAO) is estimated.