Articles | Volume 23, issue 11
21 Dec 2005
 | 21 Dec 2005

Parameters of internal gravity waves in the mesosphere-lower thermosphere region derived from meteor radar wind measurements

A. N. Oleynikov, Ch. Jacobi, and D. M. Sosnovchik

Abstract. A procedure of revealing parameters of internal gravity waves from meteor radar wind measurements is presented. The method is based on dividing the measuring volume into different parts and, using wavelet analysis, calculating the phase progression of frequency peaks in the vertical and horizontal direction. Thus, the distribution of vertical and horizontal wavelengths and directions of IGW energy propagation, using meteor radar data, has been obtained. The method was applied to a 4-month data set obtained in July and August, 1998 and 1999. As expected, the majority of waves have been found to propagate upwards, although a considerable number seem to propagate downwards as well. High-frequency (intrinsic periods T* of less than 2 h) waves are dominating. The distribution of waves over the course of an average day is only weakly structured, with weak maxima in the morning and evening.