Articles | Volume 23, issue 9
22 Nov 2005
 | 22 Nov 2005

3-D model for cosmic ray planetary ionisation in the middle atmosphere

P. I. Y. Velinov, L. Mateev, and N. Kilifarska

Abstract. A 3-D planetary model of the cosmic ray electron production rate q(h) (cm-3 s-1) has been developed for the strato-mesosphere and lower thermosphere (altitude range 30-100 km) with a 10-km step. The spectrum of the primary cosmic rays is modelled by an analytical expression using input data from the CREME96 model. An isotropic penetration of the cosmic rays from the upper hemisphere is assumed in the model and a spherical shape of the Earth's atmosphere is taken into account. The longitudinal effect of ionisation from cosmic rays in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere is calculated. A graphical presentation of the computational results is given for 50 and 90 km at 0°, 40°, 50° and 70° N, S latitudes and all longitudes with a step of 30°. The results of this paper provide a basis for a quantitative understanding of the energetic processes of the middle atmosphere and mechanisms affecting the thermodynamical balance of the Earth's atmosphere.