Articles | Volume 23, issue 9
08 Nov 2005
 | 08 Nov 2005

Pitch angle distribution of trapped energetic protons and helium isotope nuclei measured along the Resurs-01 No. 4 LEO satellite

A. Leonov, M. Cyamukungu, J. Cabrera, P. Leleux, J. Lemaire, G. Gregorie, S. Benck, V. Mikhailov, A. Bakaldin, A. Galper, S. Koldashov, S. Voronov, M. Casolino, M. De Pascale, P. Picozza, R. Sparvolli, and M. Ricci

Abstract. The NINA detector on board the Resurs-01 No. 4 satellite (835 km, 98° inclination) is equipped with particle trackers based on silicon strip detectors. From the energy deposited in each of its silicon layers the mass, the momentum direction and energy of incident particles have been determined. The resolutions in mass and energy allow identification of H and He isotopes over the 10-50 MeV/n energy range. The angular resolution is about 2.5°. We present the direct measurements of proton and helium isotopes pitch angle distributions derived from Resurs-01 No.4/NINA observations and their variations as functions of (B, L) coordinates and energy. The measurements of trapped helium isotopes spectrum are also presented.