Articles | Volume 23, issue 7
14 Oct 2005
 | 14 Oct 2005

A study of tropical tropopause using MST radar

K. Satheesan and B. V. Krishna Murthy

Abstract. Using the MST radar data of vertical wind, the characteristics of the tropical tropopause, following four different definitions, depending on 1) temperature lapse rate, 2) cold point, 3) convective outflow and 4) potential temperature lapse rate minimum, are studied. From the vertical wind data of the radar, the altitude profiles of temperature and horizontal divergence are derived, from which the tropopause levels corresponding to i) the lapse rate ii) cold point iii) convective outflow level and iv) potential temperature lapse rate minimum are determined. The convective outflow level and hence the convective tropopause altitude is determined, for the first time using the MST radar data. The tropopause altitudes and temperatures obtained following the four definitions are compared on a day-to-day basis for the summer and winter seasons. Winter and summer differences in the tropopause altitude and temperature are also studied.

Keywords. Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (convective process; middle atmosphere dynamics; tropical meteorology)