Articles | Volume 23, issue 3
30 Mar 2005
 | 30 Mar 2005

Letter to the Editor
Why do ultra-low-frequency MHD oscillations with a discrete spectrum exist in the magnetosphere?

A. S. Leonovich and V. A. Mazur

Abstract. A new concept of the global magnetospheric resonator is suggested for fast magnetosonic waves in which the role of the resonator is played by the near-Earth part of the plasma sheet. It is shown that the magnetosonic wave is confined in this region of the magnetosphere within its boundaries. The representative value of the resonator's eigenfrequency estimated at f~1MHz is in good agreement with observational data of ultra-low-frequency MHD oscillations of the magnetosphere with a discrete spectrum (f~0.8, 1.3, 1.9, 2.6...MHz). The theory explains the ground-based localization of the oscillations observed in the midnight-morning sector of the high-latitude magnetosphere.