Articles | Volume 22, issue 2
01 Jan 2004
 | 01 Jan 2004

Latitudinal variations of TEC over Europe obtained from GPSobservations

P. Wielgosz, L. W. Baran, I. I. Shagimuratov, and M. V. Aleshnikova

Abstract. GPS technique has opened broad possibilities to study the TEC distribution on a regular basis. In this paper, the latitudinal dependence of TEC over Europe for geographic latitudes ranging from 40°N to 75°N is presented. We discuss the day-to-day variations of the latitudinal TEC profiles for a period of 1999 to 2001 for both quiet and disturbed magnetic conditions. More than 4300 TEC profiles were created from the TEC maps with a one-hour interval. GPS data from 65 European permanent stations were used to produce the TEC maps. The comparison of GPS-derived TEC profiles with the IRI model is also discussed.

Key words. Ionosphere (mid-latitude ionosphere; ionospheric disturbances)