Articles | Volume 21, issue 1
31 Jan 2003
 | 31 Jan 2003

Assessing the performance of the Cretan Sea ecosystem model with the use of high frequency M3A buoy data set

G. Triantafyllou, G. Petihakis, and I. J. Allen

Abstract. During the Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project a buoy was deployed in the Cretan Sea and for the first time high-frequency physical and biogeochemical data were collected over an extended period, providing a unique opportunity for the evaluation of an ecosystem model. The model both tuned and validated in the Cretan Sea in the past, is explored and quantified. In addition, the optimal parameter set is determined while the effects of high-frequency forcing are explored. The model results are satisfactory, especially at the upper part of the water column, while the inability of 1-D modelling in fully exploring the hydrodynamics of the particular area is depicted and further developments are suggested.

Key words. Oceanography; general (numerical modeling) – Oceanography; biological and chemical (ecosystems and ecology)