Articles | Volume 21, issue 9
30 Sep 2003
 | 30 Sep 2003

Multi-scale magnetic field intermittence in the plasma sheet

Z. Vörös, W. Baumjohann, R. Nakamura, A. Runov, T. L. Zhang, M. Volwerk, H. U. Eichelberger, A. Balogh, T. S. Horbury, K.-H. Glaßmeier, B. Klecker, and H. Rème

Abstract. This paper demonstrates that intermittent magnetic field fluctuations in the plasma sheet exhibit transitory, localized, and multi-scale features. We propose a multifractal-based algorithm, which quantifies intermittence on the basis of the statistical distribution of the "strength of burstiness", estimated within a sliding window. Interesting multi-scale phenomena observed by the Cluster spacecraft include large-scale motion of the current sheet and bursty bulk flow associated turbulence, interpreted as a cross-scale coupling (CSC) process.

Key words. Magnetospheric physics (magnetotail; plasma sheet) – Space plasma physics (turbulence)