Articles | Volume 21, issue 6
Special issue:
30 Jun 2003
 | 30 Jun 2003

Magnetic topology of coronal mass ejection events out of the ecliptic: Ulysses/HI-SCALE energetic particle observations

O. E. Malandraki, E. T. Sarris, and G. Tsiropoula

Abstract. Solar energetic particle fluxes (Ee > 38 keV) observed by the ULYSSES/HI-SCALE experiment are utilized as diagnostic tracers of the large-scale structure and topology of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) embedded within two well-identified Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs) detected at 56° and 62° south heliolatitudes by ULYSSES during the solar maximum southern high-latitude pass. On the basis of the energetic solar particle observations it is concluded that: (A) the high-latitude ICME magnetic structure observed in May 2000 causes a depression in the solar energetic electron intensities which can be accounted for by either a detached or an attached magnetic field topology for the ICME; (B) during the traversal of the out-of-ecliptic ICME event observed in July 2000 energetic electrons injected at the Sun are channeled by the ICME and propagate freely along the ICME magnetic field lines to 62° S heliolatitude.

Key words. Interplanetary physics (energetic particles; interplanetary magnetic fields)