Articles | Volume 20, issue 11
30 Nov 2002
 | 30 Nov 2002

Observations on Stratospheric-Mesospheric-Thermospheric temperatures using Indian MST radar and co-located LIDAR during Leonid Meteor Shower (LMS)

R. Selvamurugan, C. V. Devasia, A. R. Jain, C. Raghava Reddi, P. B. Rao, and R. Sridharan

Abstract. The temporal and height statistics of the occurrence of meteor trails during the Leonid meteor shower revealed the capability of the Indian MST radar to record large numbers of meteor trails. The distribution of radio meteor trails due to a Leonid meteor shower in space and time provided a unique opportunity to construct the height profiles of lower thermospheric temperatures and winds, with good time and height resolution. There was a four-fold increase in the meteor trails observed during the LMS compared to a typical non-shower day. The temperatures were found to be in excellent continuity with the temperature profiles below the radio meteor region derived from the co-located Nd-Yag LIDAR and the maximum height of the temperature profile was extended from the LIDAR to ~110 km. There are, how-ever, some significant differences between the observed profiles and the CIRA-86 model profiles. The first results on the meteor statistics and neutral temperature are presented and discussed below. 

Key words. Atmospheric composition and structure (pres-sure, density, and temperature) History of geophysics (at-mospheric sciences) Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics (middle atmosphere dynamics)